Big Opportunities

Petro Suite is a cloud-based software system which unites all of the operations teams for Drilling, Logistics, Production, Purchasing and Preventative Maintenance. The system is designed by operations personnel and it uses standard processes and work flows followed in the industry. So when our employees learn the system…..they learn the business….and they typically learn new processes that are beyond their current knowledge set. The skill sets learned when working at Petro Suite can be applied and leveraged in every oil company around the world. Working with Petro Suite offers amazing opportunities to learn the business from a holistic approach.

We’re looking for the Right People

Petro Suite is in need of highly skilled and competent personnel to assist our clients with Technical Support, Training and Operations Support. We often place personnel in the client’s office to work as trainers and “Data Police” to assist clients in startup operations and ongoing system support as required. We prefer people with the following skills sets:

  • Logistics Coordinators/Managers
  • Helicopter Coordinators
  • Marine Coordinators
  • Drilling Cost Controllers
  • Purchasing, Procurement and Accounting Personnel (oil and gas)
  • Preventative Maintenance Personnel
  • Production Personnel
  • Drilling Engineers

After some time working in the client’s office, our employees will often end up with more responsibilities on the client’s team then just software support. Our people have often evolved to take on different roles such as Helicopter Coordiators, Materials Men and Logistics Coordinators who also act as champions for the Petro Suite system.

We will attempt to place applicants within their own countries if possible. However, other employees may be required to travel extensively to various regions around the world to work in sales, technical support and/or operations positions.

We Seek Diversity

Petro Suite needs Employees who speak different languages. Especially Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and Russian. Some knowledge of English is preferred, however the system will soon be launched in all of these languages.

Petro Suite uses E-Colors Testing in order to help us asses’ employees’ personality diversity and habits. We recognize that different character types (and even different nationalities) will fit better in different positions. But we also understand that there is strength in diversity. As a base-line, we seek people who are proactive, positive, fast learners and team players. Employees can’t be shy and they will be expected to “hit the ground running” with an oilfield-knowledgeable background that can be leveraged into a new direction.

We do not discriminate against older employees as long as they are willing and able to learn new systems and processes. However older applicants must be very competent in the traditional set of software tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. In our opinion, these skills are required by everyone on the team because our team members are often asked to perform other tasks for the client when working in their offices. Their work scope often goes beyond just technical support for Petro Suite. Some testing may be required to test competence in these systems.

Background reference checks and physical exams are also carried out prior to employment and all applicants will be required to submit work references before any interviews are carried out.

Headhunters, Body Shops and Consulting Firms Welcome

We will sometimes help locate personnel for our clients. So we are willing to work with headhunting firms, body shops and consulting firms to help locate competent personnel. If you represent one of these firms then you can email us at to make contact.

Screening Form

All potential employees are requested to fill in the following screening form as a first-pass for consideration. You can also write to us at Please fill in the following online form and upload your CV in either word or PDF form for consideration for upcoming positions.

Screening Form