We Simplify the Work by Organizing Everyone's Tasks By Job Functions

Port Logistics and Warehousing

  • Petro Suite has logical tools which allow you to easily manage your shorebase and offshore inventories. Every part in the system has full traceability to track its origin, travel route and destination.
  • Bulk materials tracking is custom-built for the oil and gas industry to account for transfer losses and daily consumption.
  • Warehouse inventory is easily moved to boat, helicopter or truck manifests for movements to the field.
  • Inventory quantities show amount in stock along side how many are scheduled to be shipped via material requests.
  • Materials can be easily containerized in either Service Company containers of Company Owned containers.
  • Number of days offshore is easy to monitor.

Helicopter Coordinators

  • Easily create multiple flights and flight manifests for helicopter movements in the field.
  • Passengers are easily added by different team members and then approved by designated reviewers (if required).
  • Booked passengers get email notifications of booking confirmations or cancellations.
  • Equipment loading and unloading is easily accomplished within the system without retyping any data.
  • Helicopter cost allocation tools allow you to allocate costs to different platforms, shorebases and companies.


  • Purchasing Teams and Operations Teams are now linked together with a common system.
  • Petro Suite is a “Post Contract Award” system which can be used for generating Material Requests, Service Orders and Purchase Orders.
  • A unified approach means that Accounting teams now have more accurate information on equipment movements with a better set of tools to collect data from operations.
  • Contract information pages are setup in advance to match the most commonly used terms and conditions found in the Oil and Gas business. The system is setup in days….not months.
  • Contract Management tools allow you to track the current value spent on each contract. Future cost projection curves also help keep management informed on future budget requirements.
  • Common delivery terms are pre-setup for different equipment types.
  • Closed loop system which tells the Material Request Originator when his items are loaded on a boat or helicopter.
  • Drilling Teams can query the same information to check costs, contract descriptions and delivery times.

Preventative Maintenance system

  • One-stop-shopping pages for everything about each asset.
  • Custom built around the ISO 14224 standard for oil and gas operations.
  • Scheduled Maintenance plans are easily associated with your selected managed assets in your rig or platform inventories.
  • Unscheduled Maintenance is fully documented with the standard set of ISO 14224 failure codes for identifying and tracking problematic assets.
  • Material Requests generated from Preventative Maintenance and Unscheduled Maintenance work orders.
  • Personnel who create Materials Requests have full traceability of all parts ordered on Material Requests with a unique set of tracking tools.
  • Automatically maintain minimum stock levels for parts used on a regular basis.
  • Easily generate graphical trend curves for measurements taken in the field, like Pressure, Temperature, etc.
  • Logical location codes put the location of each Asset on the platform within a logical coding sequence.
  • Customizable SFI-like codes can be added to each asset to identify its hierarchy in a system. Different sets of codes can be built for each location, or a uniform set of codes can be distributed across the field.

Drilling Engineering

  • Link forward planning time lines with contract cost pages to produce well cost estimates and AFEs.
  • Automatically calculate daily costs for rental tools based upon what’s on the rig, boats, and helicopters.
  • Daily consumption reports available for every location.
  • Create graphics for amount of time spent in each hole section from your forward planning time lines. Including planned vs actual days vs depth.
  • View forward planning time lines alongside boat and helicopter movements….generated automatically.
  • Easily view passengers booked on helicopter flights and POB lists. Monitor the number of days offshore for personnel.
  • Easily keep up with warehouse, platform, rig and boat inventories.
  • Perform Logistics on Paper exercises before operations start up to plan out boat movements in advance.
  • Daily consumption reports available for every location.
  • Well inventories are easily populated by dragging rig inventory items to each well, which can then be built up into casing tally sheets.
  • Receive notifications in advance before HUET certificates, and materials certificates expire.

Health Safety and Environment

  • Material Certificates are easily tracked and attached to every part in the system.
  • Offshore Passes, HUET Certificates and other personnel documentation is stored with flight bookings. Data is secure, and limited to only those people with a need to know.
  • Easily customized to keep up with the records you need.
  • A full suite of HSE tools exist within Petro Suite for generating Work Permits and Job Safety Analysis for preventative maintenance operations.

Service Companies

  • Maintain and update personnel records within the system.
  • Input loadout lists catagorized by hole section for easy review by the client before shipment to the port.
  • Easily monitor operations forward plans generated by the drilling operations and engineering teams.
  • Upload material certificates and MSDS sheets for items shipped offshore.
  • Containerize materials in either service company containers or client containers within the system before sending offshore. Easily locate these containers and their contents anywhere in the field.


  • Easily create boat manifests for equipment and personnel.
  • Full set of record keeping tools to help you easily track boat movements, transfer losses and fuel consumption.
  • Boat Morning Reporting system lets you easily determine which boats are top performers and under-achievers.
  • A “Floating Stock” concept can be used for equipment or bulk sent to the field that is not allocated to any specific rigs or platforms.
  • Easily allocate monthly boat costs to multiple platforms, rigs and shore bases.
  • Graphical tools break down the amount of time spent at anchor, offloading equipment, waiting for a jetty, etc.